Summary for IELTS reading test

Summary for IELTS reading test

For this particular question type you are asked to complete a summary of the text.

Two types of summary
Type One – You have to choose the correct answer from the text. It is very unlikely that you have to take the words you use for one answer from different places in the text. The words should be found together and in one sentence.

This type of summary is not really very different from the sentence completion question type. You can think of a type one summary as nothing more than a paragraph made up of a number of sentence completion type questions. The approach to answering these questions is the same.

Type Two – You have to choose the correct words from a preselected list. The words you select might be different from the words in the text but the meaning of the completed sentence will be the same. Other words, often very similar in meaning, or grammatically incorrect, might be added to confuse you.

As answers are usually in order for both types of summary, you can start completing the summary in any part of the text. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for keywords that can easily be seen in the reading passage and answer these parts first.

Do a practice test for this type of question.

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