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Currently, I offer student two really valuable services. The first one is to have IELTS writing tasks assessed for the grade they will receive and also to correct your writing and make suggestions about how to increase the score for each of the four grading criteria.

The second service is to have a speaking lesson. During this lesson I can give you a mock speaking test to find out your speaking level and also give you feedback on how you can achieve the grade you need, according to the four grading criteria of speaking test. At the end of the class I give you a recording of the lesson. Time on Skype can also be used to discuss other areas of the IELTS test such as any difficulties you have with the writing, reading, or listening tests.

For the last several years I’ve been focused on the IELTS test. I have been working as an examiner, classroom teacher, and online teacher. In addition to this I have been writing IELTS materials and I have had three books published. You can see them on Amazon, or my website:

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