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Learning to speak and write a language cannot be learnt from a book. It is like learning to drive a car.  At some stage, you need to get into the driver seat and learn by doing and making mistakes.  Obviously, the key that the practice must be guided.  Practice without guidance is a waste of time and resources in most cases.  My point is that only way to improve is hard work with guided practice.  This obviously is where I can help you.  Many of my regular students have come to me in similar circumstances.  They have not managed to reach their band score on numerous occasions and have spent a fortune on exam fees and lessons.  I am proud to say that those that put the effort in with me and follow my advice have always ended up achieving their goals.

Starting with the speaking lessons.  If you review my website I offer speaking sessions which follow the IELTS exam format.  The idea is it gives you realistic training and practice.  Every lesson is conducted over Skype and lasts 30 minutes during which you are put through a mock test.  you get feedback and help to target opportunities for improvement.  You also get a recording of the lesson so you can go over it and listen to yourself.  Another advantage is that the regular students also can squeeze some extra time in if they have questions about their writing exercises.

I also have a writing correction and editing service. The editing and feedback is approached in a holistic manner with a view to guiding you towards your goal. What I will do:

  • I will correct and point-out your English errors and include explanations of the main problems. I will give you tips to make your writing better.
  • I will give scores for the four criteria (Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, and Grammar and I will give you an overall IELTS score
  • I will include some overall advice about your essay and its structure.

Putting on my helpful teacher hat for a moment and not my salesman hat, I would like to point out that my eBooks are very helpful and purchasing the book comes with a free edit so this effectively represents a great discount.  I do also provide a lot of free content on my website so you may not need this resource but it does really from the foundation of most of my guidance.


ielts guide

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