IELTS Grammar book by Cambridge

Success in the IELTS exam requires two things. The first is understanding the test and building up skills strategies for different types of questions. The other key is to build the language that is needed to be successful.  A wide range of grammar and sentence types are needed in order to be able to impress the examiner in the speaking and writing test. Grammar is also needed to accurately answer questions in the listening test and reading test. For instance, when you complete answers they must be grammatically correct in terms of the tense and whether they are singular or plural. Although there is a plethora (huge range) of books on English grammar and even on grammar for the IELTS test, in my opinion the best book is the one published by Cambridge.

The main reason why I like this particular book the best is for the following reasons:

  1. It focuses on the frequent grammatical errors that students make such as: the use of articles, and prepositions; and it also focuses on grammatical structures that are most useful in the speaking and writing test such as: passives, conditionals, relative clauses, and other complex sentence structures.
  1. It uses IELTS style tasks to help you learn grammar. This means that you are actually killing two birds with one stone (getting to results from one piece of effort). You get to learn grammar and you also get to practice IELTS listening and reading tasks, and also do tasks that help you prepare for the writing and speaking tests.

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