IELTS floor plan task 1 academic

IELTS floor plan task 1 academic

The floor plans below show the changes that were made to a house over a six-month period.

ielts floor plan

Model answer for a floor plan
The illustrations reveal the alterations that occurred at a residential building. Overall, the main difference is that the renovated building has one less internal wall.

Looking at the point of entry to the house in the middle, there is no longer a porch in the updated house. In addition, on the left side of the house the wall has been removed between the sitting room and kitchen to make one large living space, with a dining table placed in the middle. The cooking area has been moved to the right-hand wall of the kitchen, and there is no longer an area for eating in the rear of the kitchen.

Turning to the right-hand side of the house, in the rear the bathroom has been modified by moving the toilets to the middle of the room and replacing the bathtub with a shower. The wardrobes have been removed from both bedrooms. In addition, the window has been removed from the rear bedroom, while the front bedroom has a smaller window.

Steps to complete the model task
1.Read the task introduction for the floor plan and rephrase key words.
           The floor plans below show the changes that were made to a house. 
           illustrations   reveal alterations occurred   residential   building

2. Look for a compass so that you can know whether you can use it for describing locations. –no compass

3.Look for a dividing feature in the centre of the floor plan.
         the hallway and entrance

4.Look for any unlabeled parts of the floor plan and name them if you can.
         windows; bathtub [before] shower [after; dining table [after] 

5.Look for a logical start point for describing the floor plan.
        The veranda and entry seems like a good starting point.

6.Look for a logical middle point for the floor plan, so that you can separate the data into paragraphs in the body of the report.
        the downtown area

7.Number key points of the floor plan to make sure you will not miss out any of these features when you write your report.

plan for ielts floor plan

8.Plan the structure of answer. (how can the data be grouped)
        West and downtown area
        East area

 9.Write the report.

10.Proofread the report.

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