IELTS 2 question essay model answer

IELTS 2 question essay model answer

In many countries, the quality of life in large cities is becoming worse.
What are the causes of this problem? What measures do you think should be taken to tackle this problem?

It has been noticed that in a lot of nations the standard of living is decreasing.  This essay discusses the reasons why this is occurring and also suggests solutions that should be implemented to combat the issue.

The deteriorating living standards can be attributed to two main reasons. The main reason is the increasing levels of car ownership.  In the big cities of China such as; Beijing, Shanghai and, Guangzhou the volume of vehicles on the road is causing huge travel delays and polluting the environment. As a result, people have less recreational time and are living with poor air quality.  Another factor is that increased urban population levels cause housing prices to soar.  People have to work more in order to afford a roof over their heads and feel disconnected without a place to call their own.

There are two viable solutions worth considering. Starting with car ownership, it is advocated that the government increase vehicle registration costs and use the income to improve public transport.  Doing this will discourage car ownership whilst encouraging the use of public transport; thereby reducing congestion and improving the air quality.  Moving onto the issue of housing costs the government needs to introduce a first home owner housing grant for those who buy newly constructed homes. This will stimulate the building industry to construct new homes whilst ensuring people have the funds to enter the housing market.

In conclusion, increased levels of car ownership creates congestion and destroys the quality of air whilst population growth is driving housing prices upwards, causing a deterioration of living standards. Increasing car registration cost will discourage car ownership and provide funds to improve public transport whilst subsidizing ownership of new homes will result in more housing being constructed.

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