identify correct TASK RESPONSE

identify correct TASK RESPONSE


Can you correctly identify the correct way to respond to this task? Most people can’t!

Universities and colleges are now offering qualifications through distance learning from the Internet rather than teachers in the classroom. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages

Note that this question is not asking about the advantages outweighing disadvantages of studying on the Internet. The topic that needs to be considered is really about whether it is beneficial or not to have Internet courses….like do the advantages of having them outweighing the drawbacks of having them. Very few people understand this distinction.


  1. allows more people to have the opportunity study – such as people who are working or the disabled who are not able to attend classes
  2. often enables people to save money on qualifications as online courses are often cheaper due to not having to provide physical classrooms.


  1. might lower overall educational standards … Because online courses might provide a lower standard of education.
  2. Might decrease the popularity of on campus study, and increase the costs of face-to-face learning.

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5 thoughts on “identify correct TASK RESPONSE”

  1. Thank you very much! Does this typically apply if the question’s format is ” Is this a positive or a negative development?”

    • Yes, the questions are asking for a similar response. Essentially, if you believe it is a positive development then you need to discuss the advantages; or even better, why the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  2. Do you mean that I need to equally discuss both the advantages and the disadvantages? and will the score be adversely affected if i only supported the advantages in my argument in such a question? I will be delighted if you could help me with this!

    • The question is asking which side is stronger, so this is the most important requirement.
      I would not equally discuss each side, I would:
      1. point out which side is the strongest
      2. write a longer paragraph about the side I think is the stronger
      3. write a shorter paragraph about the side I think is the weaker
      4. conclude with a paragraph restating the stronger side and why [this could be summarising the body]


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