In some countries, the average weight of children is increasing and their level of health and fitness is decreasing.

What are the causes of these problems?

What measures could be taken to solve them?

Comments about the task:

  1. This is a two question essay
  2. You must address both weight and fitness. These are not exactly the same as some fat people can still be fit, for example, sumo wrestlers.
  3. Two main causes and two main solutions is the ideal number


  1. Poor diet
  2. Less exercise


  1. Education about diet
  2. Force and encourage to do more exercise

Model Answer:
In many countries, youths are increasingly becoming obese and their health and fitness are deteriorating. This essay will look at the possible reasons for these developments and will suggest solutions to overcome them.

There are two main causes of obesity and the deterioration of physical health. The main reason for obesity and the related adverse health effects can be found in the changing eating patterns of the population. Cooking with fresh ingredients is becoming less popular and many people consume too much fast food or convenience food from supermarkets. But these kinds of food, on average, contain significantly higher amounts of fat and sugar than freshly prepared meals and, therefore, are an important contributing factor to obesity. Secondly, there is a trend that young people are doing less sport in their free time. These sedentary lifestyles are due to the increase of activities like watching TV or surfing on the internet.

Solutions to this problem have to start at a very early age. Both parents and the school have to put a high emphasis on explaining to children the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. The role of the school should be primarily to educate children about the merits of a healthy diet and the dangers of unhealthy food, whereas the parents should provide their children with nutritious, freshly prepared meals and should restrict their consumption of sweets and fast food. In a similar way, early childhood education should also emphasise the benefits of doing sufficient sports. At schools there should be mandatory sports classes and children should be encouraged to become members of a sports club.

In summary, the main reasons for obesity and low level of fitness are poor nutrition and insufficient physical exercise. The best solutions are for education regarding nutrition as well as forcing and encouraging students to participate in sports. [311 words]

obese = severely overweight
deteriorating = getting worse
consume = eat or use up
sedentary lifestyles =inactive lifestyles
balanced diet = A diet that contains the proper proportions of food to maintain good health
mandatory = compulsory

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1 thought on “HEALTH 2”

  1. Q: In some countries, the average weight of children is increasing and their level of health and fitness is decreasing.
    What are the causes of these problems?
    What measures could be taken to solve them?

    Undoubtedly, today’s children tend to be more and more obese and less and less healthy. While there are several factors behind this, proper steps can be taken to deter this pressing issue. This essay will elaborate some of these causes and solutions below.

    Owing to children’s sedentary lifestyles and too much consumption of unhealthy food, their weight is constantly rising and health deteriorating. This is because of the increase in technology, which seems to ease people’s lives, yet has a negative impact, particularly on their health. For instance, youths are often found to be under the influence of electronic gadgets and games, which prevents them from having outdoor physical activities. Similarly, ordering food online has become such a common trend that they prefer to eat fast food rather than freshly made home-cooked meals. Consequently, an average child’s weight is above his ideal body mass index, which is the main cause of inculcating many other diseases related to obesity.

    However, immediate steps can be taken to control children’s increasing weight, which will automatically control their health problems. Firstly, the government needs to step in and play their key role by making sports and fitness lessons mandatory part of every schools’ curriculum. Secondly, health awareness campaigns and seminars should be conducted at the grass root level. Finally, while taxes should be imposed on unhealthy food brands and companies, sports club and gym admission fees for youngsters should be made minimal. All these measures will contribute towards healthy eating habits and impetus children to participate keenly in sports and fitness clubs.

    In conclusion, the increasing weight and reducing health in children can be tackled by involving the government. The benefits of the active regime and healthy food should be incorporated in children at schools. Increase in junk food rates and a decrease in fitness clubs fees is required to switch them to healthy eating and active lifestyle.
    (318 words)


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