You should say:

– what the gift is

– who gave it to you

– how you used the gift

and explain why this gift made you happy


The good gift that I would like to talk about is a book I received my best friend who is now residing in England. It was an utter surprise since I thought she had forgotten it because she didn’t once mention it during our conversion the previous night. What inside the box intrigued me more. It was a book called “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, one of the most classic books of all time and has been my bible ever since.

The book was first published about 60 years ago but still holds the same value until today. It was also one of the most influential self-help books that provided wonderful, yet practical advice on how to become a social person who earned respect from as well as was well-liked by others. My version was the 14th edition with a hard, black cover which was engraved with the title in gold script. The book comprised 6 main sections, each focusing on one aspect varying from handling people, presenting yourself in a proper way to influencing others. Those were timeless lessons that were widely applied on a daily basis as and especially formal occasions.

There was plenty to take out from “How to win friends and influence people” but the one thing that I found most applicable and everyone should practice it was “6 ways to make people like you”. It might sound as easy as pie and inevitable truth like smiling and being a good listener, however, few had mastered it or took it seriously since they failed to acknowledge the importance of simple but powerful act. I’ve read the book countless time but still struggled to bring those philosophies into life. But practice makes perfect.



What types of shops would you recommend a visitor to your country should go to?

If travelers ever want to have an authentic and unforgettable experience during their journey, I would highly recommend they pay a visit to traditional markets or food stands on the street to have a taste of true street foods, which are not only diverse in types and flavors, but also signature features of cuisine. Street vendors will also offer visitors a wide range of delicious dishes and true dining experience.


What do you think are the advantages of buying things on the internet?

Online shopping has prevailing in a past few years for reasons. First and foremost, buying online is incredibly time-saving. Well, obviously, time is considered the most precious asset that everyone has but many have taken for granted. Instead of spending hours driving to your favorite malls to get some new clothes of the latest collection, your problem can be solved with only Internet connections and, of course, your fine taste in fashion. No energy is needed, either.

Are there any disadvantages (or dangers) of buying on the internet? (What?)

Every cloud has a silver lightning. Online shopping, in particular and e-commerce in general are true advancement in modern world, however, their drawbacks couldn’t be overlooked. It is widely known that there is no such thing as 100% nowadays, cyber security included. No less than once or twice have I heard about users’ information has been leaked, which can cause serious trouble to customers who are using that company’s products or services. Another concern should also be taken into account is overspending due to constant exposure to products of preference.

 In your country, how has shopping changed in the past few decades?

Just like any other parts of the world, Singapore has experienced dramatic changes in customers’ behavior when it comes to shopping. One of the striking features of shopping habits these days is people tend to buy things online and get them delivered to their houses, regardless what kinds of items. It could be pizzas, clothing or kitchen appliances.

Do you think people spend too much time (or money) on shopping? (Why?/Why not?)

I can’t tell for sure because the amount of time spent on shopping varies among different people. Nevertheless, thanks to the advent of Internet and online shopping, that amount might be relatively less than it used to be. Besides, people seem to be busier and their schedules get tighter with much more important tasks other than shopping itself. Therefore, I don’t think shopping is people’s priority or anything more than a necessary deed to get on with life.

 What kinds of people spend an excessive amount of time or money on shopping?

There is no doubt that people who spend an excessive amount of time or money on shopping are those with purchasing power and time to spare. In other words, they are of high-income class and love to pamper themselves with qualified products and premium services. They, regardless gender, are people with fine taste and know what they want. They can sacrifice hours just to choose a dress or suit, which can cost a fortune just to attend an opening party.


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