Future Period Model Answer

Future Period Model Answer

The graph was published in 2010 and shows energy use by different types of fuel in Australia.

energy use by fuel type future ielts task

Model Answer:
The line graph displays energy consumption in Australia from 1980 to 2030, by five different energy sources.  Overall, in the past, there was an upward trend for all types of energy except natural gas, and all forms are predicted to increase by 2030.

Oil is the highest source of energy. In 1980, roughly 35 billion units of oil were used and this increased to around 38 billion units by 2010.  Projections show the usage will hit about 48 billion by 2030.

Coal and natural gas generate the next highest amounts of energy. Coal starts the graph lower at roughly 16 billion units and gas at 20 billion units. In 2000, both of these sources were around 20 billion and then coal started overtaking gas. By 2030 coal and gas are expected to climb to end at approximately 32 billion and 25 billion units, respectively.

Nuclear and solar energy were both stable at about 4 billion units from 1980 to 2010.  They are predicted to have a marginal increase in their units of consumption, reaching 8 billion and 6 billion units, respectively, in 2030.
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Task Analysis:
Time: multiple including future
Fewest category: energy type

Words to express a prediction: predicted, expected, forecasted, anticipated
Future tense: will, is going to
It is predicted that the use of solar energy will rise.
It is anticipated that the use of solar energy is going to rise.

The report is produced in 2010 so we can establish that all data before this point has actually occurred and everything after this date is a projection.

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4 thoughts on “Future Period Model Answer”

  1. I think there is a mistake in this model answer which is ‘ the use of gas( coal ?),at approximately 25 billion overtakes coal(gas?) at 18 billion’. Can you check it please! Am I wrong?

  2. When describing the following data, shouldn’t language of approximation be used too?

    “In 1980, 35 billion units of oil were used”
    “Coal starts the graph lower at 16 billion units”
    “reaching 8 billion and 6 billion units”

    • You want to use it somewhere in the task…but not for every number.
      It is not a requirement to use it..but it is helpful for your vocabulary score.


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