Find out your IELTS Speaking Level

Find out your IELTS Speaking Level

Your IELTS Speaking Level


Send me your part two answer for the IELTS speaking test and find out what score you are likely to achieve and get suggestions about how to improve.

I will give you feedback under each of the four criteria: fluency and coherence, pronunciation, lexical resource [vocabulary], and grammar. This will help you to discover where you are making mistakes and what you need to work on an order to increase your score.

This is also an excellent way to prepare model answers for part two of the speaking test and have these models verified and checked to make sure you don’t have any errors.

As well is this I may be out to diagnose any issues you have when speaking. For instance, based on your first language you may have pronunciation errors. In addition, I can get suggestions about places where you can use more advanced language such as idiomatic expressions.

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