extent agree or disagree young people

extent agree or disagree young people

Younger employees have more skills, knowledge and are more motivated than older employees. To what extent do you agree or disagree

Some believe that younger workers are more skilled, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic than their older counterparts. I totally disagree with this perspective because there is a direct correlation between the accumulation of these aspects and the amount of time one spends working.

In terms of skills, older workers have a much wider range of skills. Due to longer working lives, more experienced employees have had more time to develop a wider range of skills and more time to be proficient at these skills. As well as this, they have had more time to develop communication and people skills during their working lives.

With regard to knowledge, this also takes time to accumulate. Older workers have had more opportunities to accumulate knowledge as they are more likely to have done a wider range of employment-related tasks. Older workers are also more likely to have done work at a wider range of companies and this also boosts their range of knowledge.

Older workers also tend to be more enthusiastic about their jobs due to being at a more mature stage in their career. As people’s career progresses they start to take on more challenging tasks and this makes work more interesting, which increases motivation. In addition, people tend to take on more responsibility, which usually leads to people being more enthusiastic about going to work.

In conclusion, I totally believe that as people spend more time in their careers they are going to learn more skills, accumulate more knowledge, and have higher levels of motivation to do their jobs.

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