Teenagers who commit serious crimes, such as burglary or murder, should be treated in the same way as adults who commit crimes.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this and give your own opinion?

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  1. Both sides and opinion essay


  1. Deterrent
  2. Justice for victims


  1. Less mature
  2. Second chance

Model Answer:
There is an opinion that young offenders who commit severe criminal actions should be held accountable for their actions just the same as adults. This essay discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this and then I will give my own perspective on the issue.

On the one hand, arguments can be made as to why age should not be a factor when dealing with serious crimes. The strongest reason is that if these juvenile delinquents are given the same strict punishments as adults, it will act as a powerful deterrent against doing serious crimes. As well as this, when young perpetrators receive lighter sentences than they deserve, it is an injustice to the victims. For instance, if a youth kills his classmate, the parents of the murdered child will feel the situation is unjust if the perpetrator is not at least incarcerated.

On the other hand, treating both young and mature lawbreakers equally may have adverse effects. The main reason is because children may not have sufficient intellectual or moral capacity to fully understand the outcomes of their misdeeds; it can be argued that they should receive lighter sentences than adults. Secondly, because of their long life ahead of them, many people argue that youths should be given a second chance, and an opportunity to successfully rehabilitate and learn a valuable lesson. Many believe that young offenders can often turn into good citizens when they mature into adulthood.

In conclusion, in my opinion, there are merits and drawbacks to treating youths differently to adults. However, overall I think that young offenders should be dealt with more leniently than adults due to their potential lower level of understanding about the crimes they commit. [282]

offenders = people who do crimes
commit crime=do a crime
accountable = responsible for decisions or actions
juvenile = a person who is under 18
delinquents= criminals
deterrent = a thing that makes somebody less likely to do something
perpetrators= a person who commits a crime
incarcerated = put into prison
misdeeds= bad things like crimes
lighter sentences = small punishments
rehabilitate = to make better
leniently = not strictly

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3 thoughts on “ETHICAL ISSUES 2”

  1. Q:Teenagers who commit serious crimes, such as burglary or murder, should be treated in the same way as adults who commit crimes.
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this and give your own opinion?

    It is proposed that juveniles should be given the same treatment as adults for committing major crimes like murder and theft. There are both merits and demerits of this action. I shall discuss both of them and then give my perspective on it.

    There are various benefits of taking similar action against criminals, whether they are teenagers or adults. Firstly, giving justice to the victim is essential. As the loss incurred by the victim is the same, irrespective of who committed it. Hence, the offenders deserve the same consequences. Secondly, there should be similar and severe punishment, in order to curb the rising rate of such criminal activities. This is because humans are systemized in a manner that a sense of accountability and the fear of being punished can deter them from doing something wrong.

    However, there are some drawbacks of the alike treatment of teenager and adult offenders. Because teenagers are in such a fragile phase, where they can be easily molded and inclined towards wrongdoings. Adults might use them for their own wrong purposes. Hence, giving the same treatment as adult criminals might seem to be an injustice to them. Moreover, strict punishments and torture can prove to be too hard on youngsters’ mental health. As adults can be brought back to a normal life by proper rehabilitation, but youngsters are likely to be affected by such harsh circumstances for the rest of their lives.

    In conclusion, despite the downsides of equal punishment for young and grownup criminals, I believe dealing lightly on the part of law enforcement authorities, for such major crimes, merely based on their age, would definitely lead to the downfall of our society, both in terms of directing our youth and harming the overall harmony.
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