There is growing evidence that man-made activities are making global temperatures higher.

What are the causes of temperatures rising?

How should we deal with this problem? 

Comments about the task:

  1. two question essay


  1. cutting down trees
  2. more factories


  1. preserving our remaining forests
  2. switching to cleaner energy sources

Model Answer:
There are many signs that the activities of mankind are leading to global warming. This essay will discuss the reasons why this problem is occurring, and make some suggestions about how this issue can be tackled.

Perhaps the main cause of global warming is that populations are rising in almost every country, and this is causing trees to be constantly cut-down to provide shelter and also food. Trees are important because they absorb CO2 and rising levels of CO2 have been linked to higher temperature levels. Another factor that is causing CO2 to rise is the industrialisation of our societies. Today, we have more and more factories and they are causing high levels of pollution in our atmosphere. Industrialisation is also leading to the burning of fossil fuels to power the factories and this is also another source of carbon emissions. Therefore, economic activities are another cause of our planet warming.

Urgent attention is required to deal with the problem of global warming. The main way to tackle this is for forests to be protected and new trees grown. This can be achieved by the government making laws to protect the remaining forests. Grass root programs could also be started to plant new trees. In addition, the government should create incentives for factories to adopt clean energy programs to reduce the pollution they are emitting.

In conclusion, the earth’s temperature is rising because of deforestation and industrialisation. The solutions are to start preserving our remaining forests, plant new ones and to switch to cleaner energy sources.  [256 words]

tackled = dealt with, managed
atmosphere = air
fossil fuels = fuels formed by natural processes over a long time such as coal and oil
carbon emissions =  discharges of  carbon dioxide (CO2)
grass root programs  = programs using the local people of an area
incentives  = a thing that motivates or encourages one to do something
clean energy =energy creation that does not cause pollution
preserving = protecting

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