Convert score ielts pte toefl

Score conversion IELTS Vs TOEFL Vs PTE Academic
To convert an IELTS score to a PTE or TOEFL score you can use the table below as a rough guide. Note that different organizations or universities may have different conversions process.

convert score ielts pte toeflThe big question is which test is easier. In theory, they should be of equivalent difficulty. The reality is that some students will do relatively better at each type of test. Let’s look at three key differences.

Human versus computer-based
IELTS is the most human-based and PTE is the least. In IELTS You get your speaking and writing assessed by a human being whereas PTE uses computer technology to assess you. For writing TOEFL allows you to use a computer or handwritten draft, offering you the best of both worlds.

This varies by country, but usually, PTE is the cheapest test to take, followed by IELTS and then the TOEFL.

The PTE is the least accepted test partly because it is the newest. It is accepted by only 1800 academic institutions whereas IELTS is accepted by over 6000, and 9000 for TOEFL. For immigration purposes, IELTS is the most widely accepted.

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