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The graph below shows the quantities of goods transported in the UK between 1974 and 2002 by four different modes of transport.

quantities of goods transported in the UK plan

Model Answer:
The line graph provides information about how cargo was conveyed by four types of transportation, in the United Kingdom, from 1974 to 2002. Overall, goods sent by all forms of delivery increased except for railways, which fluctuated.

Starting with the road and pipeline, the most cargo was moved by road in 1974, with roughly 70 million tonnes and it gradually increased to about 80 million tonnes over the next 20 years. It increased dramatically to finish at just below 100 tonnes by 2002. In contrast, with only about 7 million in 1974, pipeline was the lowest and it increased to roughly 22 million by 1994. It remained at this figure until the end of the period.

Goods conveyed by water and rail were each about 40 million tonnes in 1974. After 1978, shipping surpassed rail reaching roughly 58 million tonnes by 1982 and then it plateaued for the next twenty years. During the same period rail freight decreased to approximately 25 million tonnes. By 2002, the tonnage transported by boat increased to 60 million, and railways rose to just over 40 million.
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Task Analysis:
Time: Multiple periods
Fewest category: Types of transportation
Amount of data: 32 = 8 years x 4 types of transport

1.There is a huge amount of data so you must choose the 10-12 key points and try to combine data as much as possible.
2.Note the spelling of tonnes for this task is different to tons [USA] and that you will get penalised if you write tons.

UK = United Kingdom
Goods = products, cargo, freight
transported = conveyed, moved, shifted, delivered
modes of transport = types of transportation, forms of delivery
road = roadways
water = boat, ship,
rail = train, railway
pipeline = [unlikely you will know what this is so DO NOT rephrase it]

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