Cambridge IELTS 19 Letters Model Answers

Model Answers for letters Cambridge 19

Read model answers to the questions that are asked in Cambridge book 19 for letters for the General IELTS test.

You would like to reduce your working hours in order to study part-time. Write a letter to your boss. In your letter
•           explain why you want to reduce your working hours
•           say which hours you would like to work
•           describe how your part-time studies would benefit your employer

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear _______________

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am writing to seek a reduction to my work schedule to accommodate my enrolment in evening accounting classes.

I am requesting a reduction in my hours to ensure I have ample time for my academic commitments. The university suggests that I dedicate approximately 20 hours each week to my studies, with this figure likely increasing during periods of assessments.

Regarding my work hours, I propose that finishing at 5 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. would cause minimal disruption to the company. Our mornings are particularly demanding in the accounting department due to the necessity of preparing the fiscal summaries for the preceding day.

I believe that undertaking this course will be advantageous for my role. Many of the subjects focus on technological advancements within the field of accountancy, which aligns with the company’s current integration of automated information systems in our department. This knowledge is poised to be beneficial for the company.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration of my request and am open to further discussions on this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Steven Winton

You are a member of an International Students’ club. The club is organising an event to celebrate popular food from around the world.
Write a letter to the event organiser, Luis. In your letter
•           offer to make a popular dish from your country

•           describe what this dish is
•           explain why it should be included in the event

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Luis,

Dear Luis,

I am thrilled about our upcoming food festival and am writing to suggest my involvement in this event.

I would like to contribute by making a distinctive traditional Scottish meal called haggis. This dish is quite intricate to prepare, as it requires an entire day to cook. My mother taught me this recipe when I was a teenager, and I have preserved it since then.

Haggis is a unique and savoury heritage Scottish delicacy. It is a type of savoury pudding that includes a combination of the liver, heart, and lungs seasoned with onions, cayenne pepper, and other spices. This hearty mixture is then encased in a sheep’s stomach and boiled.

I believe this traditional meal will be an excellent addition to the event because, although it is widely known, few people outside Scotland have had the opportunity to try it. Many of my classmates have already expressed their eagerness to taste this renowned culinary creation.

Please let me know if you would like me to prepare this dish.

Best regards,
Amana Hollis

Five months ago, you started renting an apartment on a six-month agreement. You now wish to stay in the apartment for longer than the six months you originally agreed with the owner.
Write a letter to the owner of your apartment. In your letter
•           say how long you now want to rent the apartment for
•           explain why your plans have changed
•           tell the owner about a problem in the apartment
Begin your letter as follows:
Dear _______________

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I am writing regarding the possibility of extending my rental agreement for your lovely home.

If feasible, I would like to remain for an additional month. Initially, the contract was set to end at the close of July, and an extension until the end of August would be greatly appreciated.

The reason for my request is that my employer needs me to stay in Sydney for another month. I am currently involved in a project for Sydney Transport, and it has become clear that the project will not be finished by the initial deadline. Consequently, my supervisor has requested that I extend my stay here for another month.

Additionally, I would like to bring to your attention an issue with the plumbing. There is frequently a knocking noise coming from the pipes. This may not be an immediate cause for concern, but I wanted to inform you as I am not knowledgeable about plumbing and am unsure whether this indicates a more significant problem.

I would appreciate it if you could inform me about the extension of my lease. Moreover, you are welcome to send a plumber to inspect the pipes at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,
David Thompson

You started in your present job two years ago. You now feel it is important for your career development to move to a different department in the same company. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter
•           say what you have learned in your present job

•           suggest how the company would benefit from moving you to a different department
•           explain why you do not wish to leave the company
Begin your letter as follows:
Dear _______________

Dear Mr. Roberts,

I am writing to solicit an inter-departmental reassignment.

I have acquired extensive expertise in our company’s products from my position as a quality control engineer in the software division. Specifically, I have become proficient in our software’s unique specifications and the optimal calibration of its parameters for a variety of implementations.

With this knowledge, I assert it would advantage the company if I transitioned to an onsite engineer role in the customer service department. This position would enable me to visit our clients’ locations and ensure that their equipment is configured optimally for their specific end-use, thereby reducing the current substantial volume of queries that the customer service team manages.

I have been employed at TechSolutions for over five years and plan to continue my career here. I assert that this proposed move is propitious for my career as it will allow me to develop new skills, and it will also benefit the company as I will be able to leverage my existing competency in the new role.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration of this matter and welcome further discussion regarding it.

Yours sincerely,
Emily Johnson

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