Cambridge IELTS 17 letters model answers

Cambridge IELTS 17 letters model answers

Your English-speaking friend who lives in your town has asked for your
advice about learning a new sport.
Write an email to your friend. In your email:
* recommend a new sport that would be suitable for your friend to learn
* explain how your friend could learn this sport
* suggest that you both learn this sport together

Dear Ben,

After putting some more thought into our conversation from the other day, I’ve come up with an ideal recreational opportunity that could help you to both improve your fitness and social circle.

The up-and-coming sport in our area seems to be touch rugby, and there are several justifications for why I think it would be ideal for you. Not only does it demand a high level of physical fitness, but it also improves hand-eye coordination and communication with teammates. Crucially, the local league is also renowned for being very social, allowing you to connect with new acquaintances.

Even though you have no experience, I noticed a Facebook post offering coaching for novices as part of the registration fee. There are still several openings in the beginner’s team, so this seems an ideal opportunity.

Furthermore, it has also piqued my interest, so let’s go and register together! We could also meet a few nights a week in the local park to improve our fitness and passing skills.

Let me know if you’re keen, then I will send through all the specific details for registration.

Take care,

(188 words)

The parents of your Australian friend Chris have invited you to a surprise
birthday party for him/her.
Write a letter to Chris’s parents. In your letter:
* say why you think Chris will enjoy the surprise party
* explain why you won’t be able to attend the party
* give details of a plan to see Chris at a different time

Dear Mr and Mrs Smith,

Thank you so much for the recent invitation to Chris’ surprise 21st birthday party, however, please accept my apologies as I will be unable to join the festivities.

This party will be the ideal opportunity for Chris to relieve the stress from his demanding final university assessments. Furthermore, he has indirectly hinted that he is a bit disappointed that no one has shown any interest in his upcoming milestone, so he will be dumbfounded by this lovely gesture.

The reason why I cannot attend is that I will be out of the country on the day of the party. My family has had a holiday booked to Bali for several months now, which we planned for the university break.

However, I intend on inviting Chris out for dinner a few days before I leave to celebrate after his last exam.  Hopefully this will make up for missing his party, because he will be fully aware that I’m travelling abroad.

Once again, thank you for thinking of me and sorry I cannot attend. I expect the party will be a glorious success!

Kind regards,

John Smith (190)

You recently booked a part-time course at a college. You now need to cancel your booking.Write a letter to the college administrator. In your letter:
* say which part-time course you booked
* explain why you need to cancel your booking
* ask about booking a different course

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to cancel my enrollment in one of your upcoming courses and inquire about the possibility of reserving an alternative.

The course in which I am currently registered is the 12-week Accounting Basics curriculum, which starts Monday, 3 October.

However, due to unforeseen work commitments, I will be required to travel interstate during several of the key lessons on Monday evenings. As this is an intensive course, and I have no prior accounting knowledge, I believe that missing any lessons will be detrimental to my performance in the paper.

I would greatly appreciate if you would consider transferring my booking and deposit to the similar Bookkeeping 101 course which commences a month later on Thursday, 3 November. Thursday evenings align better with my schedule because I will always be back in the city after any work obligations earlier in the week.

Thank you for your kind consideration of my request, I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

John Smith (166)

You have bought some clothing online and are not satisfied with your purchase.
Write a letter to the company that you bought the clothing from. In your email:
* give details of the purchase
* explain the problem
* explain why you need a replacement urgently

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to draw your attention to some faulty garments I purchased through your web store last week and ask for your help to expedite their replacement.

The clothing in question is two pairs of black merino blend formal business trousers in a 36-inch waist, which totalled $300 on your invoice number 31245/22.

Unfortunately, when I tried both these trousers on the waist sizing was inconsistent. One pair measured 38 inches, while the other was 34 inches, neither of which is acceptable.

Due to purchasing these for an upcoming business conference at the end of the week, I am now in a very difficult position where I need to hastily replace these items. Could you please have one of your associates manually measure the waists of the replacement trousers to confirm their dimensions and send them by overnight courier to the same address as the previous invoice.

Thank you in advance for your priority handling of this issue, and I look forward to receiving the correct garments tomorrow.

Yours faithfully,

John Smith (178)

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