Age Groups Model Answer

Age Groups Model Answer

The charts below give information on the ages of populations of Yemen and Italy in 2000 and projections for 2050.

task 1 with age group plan2

Model Answer:
The four pie charts give the proportions of three different age groups in 2000, and a forecast for 2050 in Yemen and Italy. Overall, Italy had an older population than Yemen in 2000, and both populations are predicted to age in the future.

In 2000, in Yemen, over half the population was aged 0-14, and 46.3% of the population was aged from 15 to 59. The smallest proportion was the over 60s, who accounted for just 3.6% of the population.  Turning to Italians, the highest percentage was 15-59 year olds. Those over 60 were 24.1% of the population, which was more than six times higher than it was in Yemen. The smallest percentage was for the youngest group at 14.35%.

Turning to the forecast for 2050, in Yemen, the largest group is expected to be those aged 15-59 at 57.3%. This is followed by forecasts for the youngest group at 37%, and the oldest group at 5.8%. For Italians, the highest percentage is for those aged 15-59 years at 46.2%. This is followed by the over 60s at 42.3%, which is almost double the level in 2000. The youngest group accounts for only 11.5% of the population. [197words]

Task Analysis:
Time: past and future
Fewest categories: countries or years
Amount of data: 12


  1. We can assume 2000 is the past and 2050 is the future.
  2. Caution is needed with the length of the report due to categories of age groups requiring a lot of words to describe.
  3. Describing ages often leads to factual and grammatical errors.
  4. In the phrase the 15 to 59-year-olds, year does not have an “s” as it functions as an adjective.

Describing age groups
people who are 15 to 59 years old.
15 to 59 year-olds
the cohort aged from 15 to 59
the over 60’s
the youngest/oldest group

Words to express a prediction: predicted, expected, forecasted, anticipated
Future tense: will, is going to
It is predicted that the use of solar energy will rise.
It is anticipated that the use of solar energy is going to rise.

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  1. Hey Mike, i wonder since this is a “change over time” type, should we actually focus more on the trend instead of comparing proportions between countries in the same year? For example, body A focus on the increasing trend terms, and body B for decreasing and fluctuated ones? Or the correct style for changing-over-time pie charts should be dividing pie charts with time and compare the charts with the time range?


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