Advice for the day of your speaking test

Advice for the day of your speaking test

This blog gives you suggestions for the day of your IELTS speaking test.

Before your test
  1. After the written test get out of the test centre and relax before your speaking test
  2. Start warming up 20 minutes before your test by thinking about the three questions that start your speaking test which are: your work/study, your home, the city town where you live/grew-up
  3. Brainstorm adjectives for people, places, things as they are particularly useful for increasing your score for part two of the test
  4. Review a few idiomatic expressions to make sure you can get to 7 for vocabulary 
During your test
  1. Relax as much as possible
  2. Don’t forget to breathe. You should breathe at the end of each sentence so that you do not have mid-sentence hesitation and to help you to relax
  3. Focus on doing you best and not on whether you will pass or not
  4. Don’t panic if something goes wrong as your score is based on the whole test and not your response to each answer

I’m Mike from Australia. Please ask me any specific questions you have about the IELTS test.

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