Answering IELTS Questions about Places

IELTS speaking questions, new in September 2019, for part two of the test. The topics are presented and model answers by two different examiners are given. Other part two IELTS topics

I’m going to be introducing to you some of the current questions that are in the IELTS test. Now I’m going to create five videos because we’ve got a lot of questions to look at I’ve divided them under the five themes that I’ve identified for the test: people places things activities experiences now in this particular video I’m going to focus on places if you want to see some of the other topics or themes you can have a look below in the description at the links or at the end of the video.

IELTS speaking questions 2019 part two [PLACES]
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Describe a city you once

went to with your family

You should say:

What the city was

Why you went there

What the city was like

and explain how you felt about it.

I would like to talk about a city that I

went to with my parents and the city is Taipei

my mother has relatives in Taipei and so

 a couple of years ago we all went to

Taipei to visit la I’d never actually

seen them before so that was quite an

exciting thing to experience I know it’s

really quite amazed at how developed

Taipei is it’s really quite a beautiful

city there’s very good infrastructure

there’s a lot of trains within the city

itself so you can go from one place to

another very quickly very easily very

comfortably and there are also many

places of interest to go to one place we

went to was the National Palace Museum

which is full of different things that

were actually taken from mainland China

during the Second World War there are

paintings Jade books porcelaine and it

goes on and on and on as to what you can

actually see there I’ve actually heard

it would take 11 years in total to see

everything because every six months they

actually change the exhibits and it

would actually take 11 years to see

everything the food in Taipei was very

good indeed of course basically Chinese

in character but there are also

different cuisines from other countries

like France Germany Japan and so on so I

really had a wonderful time there the

relatives were very happy to see us and

we hope to go again soon to see them

Describe a time that you visited a park

You should say:

When you visited it;

Who you went there with;

What you did there;

and how you felt about it.

I actually visit a park very very often

but I’d like to talk now about a time

that I went to a park when there was a

special event on at the park so this was

probably last year if I remember

correctly and I went with my family and

some friends of theirs and some of my

friends so it was quite a big group of

us and the event was actually a country

Fair which was very interesting because

we live in a big city but this was a

country fair bringing in different arts

and crafts from the countryside to show

us how things are made and this is

something we don’t usually have the

opportunity to see and so that was

fascinating but also apart from all of

these things that they were making and

selling they had brought lots of

different produce from various parts of

China there are different things to eat

different things to drink you also had

the chance to sample many of these

different things as well so it was

really great fun going from store to

store talking to the different people

sometimes it was actually not so easy to

understand them because of their accents

very different to the accent I’m used to

but it was a very very wonderful time

and I believe they’re trying to make

this an annual event now

Describe a place where you read and write

You should say:

Where it is;

How often you go there;

Who you go there with;

and explain how you feel about this place.

I’d like to talk about a place that I

love to go to to read and write and that

is actually my local coffee shop the

coffee shop is very close to where I

live it’s just around the corner in fact

and it takes me no more than a couple of

minutes to get there so the first thing

is it’s very convenient to get there but

also it’s a very quiet place and when

I’m reading and writing I like to be in

a place where I’m not disturbed

so I usually go there on my own although

I have been there with other people but

not to read and write just to socialize

the place is not very big but it’s cozy

it’s comfortable the service is very

good and because I go there quite often

I know the people who work there and I

know the owners and they sometimes chat

with me as well and they have lovely tea

coffee they have cake which they

actually bake themselves and so it

really is a very special place to go

it’s not such a modern place and what I

mean by that is that they haven’t used

modern furniture they’ve used wooden

furniture old-style

they even have curtains in the windows

and it really gives a very old in worldy

cottage type feeling to the place it’s

actually quite popular and you would

think that that would make it very noisy

but in fact most people who go there a

little like me in the sense that they

want to read or write or just basically

relax and if they do talk they talk quietly

Describe a school you went to in your childhood

You should say:

Where it was;

What it was like;

What you learned there;

and how you felt about it.

When I was quite young my

mother started work again and so I had

to go somewhere and my mother took me to

a kindergarten this was my first

experience of being in a school type

environment and it took about ten

minutes to get there by car and my

mother would take me there before she

went to work and then collect me in the

afternoon it was quite a large place as

far as I remember but of course when

you’re young everything seems to be much

bigger than it really is when you’re an

adult but my recollection is that it was

a big place with quite a few teachers

there I think there were probably eight

or nine different classrooms altogether

and of course there was at least one

teacher per classroom but sometimes they

had an assistant as well and when I was

studying there they taught me basic

Chinese but also they were actually

teaching English as well so I had the

chance to start learning English when I

was really quite young I learnt the

alphabet the ABCs numbers and very

simple conversations and I I really felt

very happy there and as I got older of

course I had to go to mainstream schools

I know it’s really quite disappointed

when I had to leave but it was a very

good start to my education

Describe a place you remember well that is full of colors

You should say:

Where it is

What it is like

What it is used for

and explain why you remember it well.

I recently traveled to

Shanghai and visited the China Art

Museum which is housed in the former

Expo 2010 China pavilion it is an

impressive structure both in its size

being the largest museum in Asia and its

architecture inside a spacious so they

can accommodate the crowds of people

that visit usually on the weekends or

during the holidays the viewing errors

are also large and there are numerous

places to sit and rest before we

proceeding to the next exhibit entrance

is free and it features modern and

contemporary works by Chinese artists

including traditional Chinese paintings

oil paintings and sculptures not only is

the building itself a bold red color the

landscaping outside featured many

colorful flower beds that are

breathtaking the artwork inside also has

a huge variety of colors there is so

much to see if you are into art you will

need at least half a day to see

everything and that’s just a quick scan

you will need a whole day or 2 days if

you want to soak in all the details

after spending most of the day there I

was exhausted I found a quiet restaurant

which featured a delicious Peking duck

dish which I enjoyed very much and then

just chilled out with some drinks until

returning to my hotel to get a

much-needed rest so I hope you found

this video useful and you might now want

to watch the other four videos on the

other four themes that I haven’t covered

in this video questions and comments are

most welcome you can leave them in the

comment section below and another thing

that would be really great is if you

take it

test and you get a different question

than I’ve outlined in my videos please

share it in the comment section below

this would be of great benefit to myself

and also other people that are taking an

IELTS test

IELTS speaking questions, new in September 2019, for part two of the test. The topics are presented and model answers by two different examiners are given.

Other part two IELTS topics

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