Let’s talk more about families living together
Q1: What are the benefits of younger and older generations living together?

One of many advantages that young and older family members residing in the same residence would be the splitting of expenses between the income earning members thus alleviating financial stress. Additionally there is a wealth of knowledge that can be exchanged with elders teaching the youth life skills they have acquired like crafts and recipes and the youth perhaps assisting with technology like computers and smartphones. Another that comes to mind would be the sharing of household chores, for example food preparation, laundry and shopping. Although there are many more, the final benefit would be the strengthening of family relationships and comradeship.
Q2: What are the disadvantages of younger and older generations living together?

The drawbacks of different generations living together would begin with the lack of privacy. With so many people living under one roof everyone would know your business. You would rarely be alone and to have quiet times would be difficult. This would be tough on me as I value my relaxation and rest. Also I would lose my feeling of independent and being in control of my life and surroundings.
Q3: Do people in your country prefer to get help from family members or friends?

I believe choosing to seek help from my family or friends would be dependent of what assistance I am seeking. For example, I wouldn’t ask for financial assistance from a friend as he would most likely be in a similar situation. I would not want to jeopardize my friendships with them worrying about if and when I could repay my debt. Family however would be my choice for help on my future like continuing education or changing jobs as they can give worthwhile advice based on their experience.
Q4: Is it important to visit family members often?

Many share my belief that family is important and try to visit frequently. Today’s busy lifestyle does restrict the number of times families can get together. Family can be also helpful with advice and be supportive.  I always look forward to going to my village to meet up with friends and family during special events like Chinese New Year as I enjoy the shared meals and catching up on the local news and rumors.

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