10 IELTS Speaking Tips

8 Aug 2017

10 IELTS Speaking Tips


10 IELTS Speaking Tips

  1. Do not speak too fast thinking that is fluency. Actually, you may be lowering your score because the examiner did not catch what you said or what you are saying may not be coherent.
  2. If you do not understand the question make sure you get the examiner to repeat it in part 1 or rephrase it in part 3.
  3. Lying or making things up is a good idea if it makes it easier to answer the question or use high-level vocabulary.
  4. Use stress and intonation when speaking, don’t speak like a machine.
  5. Look at the examiner, smile and remember to use hand gestures.
  6. Remember you need to be confident and positive. So make sure you speak up so the examiner can hear you.
  7. If you cannot remember a word just paraphrase (say it another way)
  8. Avoid silence by thinking out loud or repeating the question “how to solve global warming…that is a tricky question”
  9. Find out your speaking level or do a mock test to improve your level.


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